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Pioneering Excellence in Salt Solutions for India's Industries and Kitchens
Welcome to VRK Salt Solutions

At VRK Salt Solutions, we are committed to provide high-quality industrial and edible salt products to meet the diverse needs of our customers in the Indian market.

About us

VRK Salt Solutions a prominent player in the salt industry, specializes in marketing a wide range of salt products to meet the needs of various industries.

Why VRK Salt Solutions?

With a reputation for quality and versatility, VRK Salt Solutions has established itself as a trusted salt supplier in the market.


At VRK Salt Solutions, quality is paramount. Our rigorous testing and control ensure purity, safety, and compliance.

Our Products

Our range includes Industrial Crystal Salt for industrial processes, Free Flow Salt for culinary perfection, and Iodised Edible Salt for essential health benefits.

  • Industrial Crystal Salt
  • Free Flow Salt
  • Iodised Edible Salt
  • Super Fine Salt
  • Powdered salt
  • Salt Tablets
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